The lilac is back, but do not worry: how to wear it now

Our guide to mastering the color of the key this season
For some of us, the lilac was the color of your first eye shadow, which was generously applied to the school. Probably it was a flicker and appeared in a small jar that might have ruptured in your pocket. Perhaps it’s the color of your grandmother’s wallpaper or wallpaper. It’s a shadow in which brides sometimes dress their bridesmaids, if they do not like them.

Victoria Beckham Spring / Summer 2018
Lilac was associated with many things, but recently it was gorgeous. Nevertheless, in the spring / summer of 2018 he became the color of the season in a purple twist-plot. Pastel shades enjoy a new popularity, but none of them is as perceptive as lilac. A mature, more mature version of Pink Pink, ultraviolet, was crowned with Pantone Paint in 2018, so perhaps its new fashion was inevitable. This pale incarnation of violet revived to Victoria Beckham in the form of costumes, as did the detectives with long sleeves of Tibi.

It was also the airtime of Red Carpet – Sally Hawkins wore a purple Armani dress with sparkles on Oscars, where her film “Shape of Water” received the best picture. Last September, Rihanna, still leading the pack, wore Molly Goddard’s dress to launch her Fenti beauty line in London. Amal Clooney chose the Versace Atelier dress in purple at the Venice Film Festival in September.

George and Amal Clooney at the Venetian Film Festival 2017

The trick is to make it more modern than the old-fashioned and cute one, all in shape. Adhering to modern silhouettes – for example, a lilac suit recently donned by Victoria Beckham – is a lightweight office version. A casual lilac sweater with wide, wide trousers and sneakers – a simple view of the weekend. Silicone coat of medium length – a modern update for a hand-coat with a single key a few years ago. Combine the purple dress with boots and oversized anorak or park.

Tibi Spring / Summer 2018
If you are still worried, avoid wearing the color from head to toe (although the podiums recommend it) and mix it with denim, shades of gray or black. Keep it simple – part of the problem with the siren is its connection with napkins and girlfriends, so if you need to worry, think about simple, simple styles that do not have floral or flying patterns. If you have very light skin, choose the lower half of the lilac, for example, trousers with a wide leg, medium-length skirt or a mini-line – they are less prone to washing, like a disheveled guchi shirt.

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