I accidentally ripped all my eyelashes. So I grew up.


When Johnny Carson, the owner of the Tonight Show, asked American actress Bette Davis how an aspiring actress can best enter Hollywood, she simply answered “Take Fountain” – a prospect parallel to Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards. Bette was right. It’s even faster. I know, because not so long ago I went to a taxi after Fontana, too late for an interview, I put on mascara and curled my eyelashes, because in the middle of my pressing, pressing, pressing the brakes slammed: back, and I stared in amazement at the Shiseido curler In my hand, where my eyelashes were seized and torn from my lid.

Then a deafening scream and a check in my mirror. My easy maintenance eye seemed reptilian, funny. The upper middle eyelid ranges from 100 to 150 eyelashes. Now the mine was zero. More agitated studies: depending on when the eyelashes stretch in the growth cycle, a full recovery can take about two months. How much can I be patient? At first glance at the eyelashes, I decided to accelerate the flowering with the fertilizer recommended by my dermatologist, Sheryl Clark, MD. “In two weeks your eyelashes will be longer and darker,” I assured myself. “Keep using it, and they will become fat.” Clark warned me about my pale skin, my eyelids may have turned red, but when I put Latsis, redness was less. (Yes, it happened, and yes, it is.) I also asked him if there is a risk that the color of your iris will turn brown after the warning in the leaflet. When an identical product called Lumigan is used directly in the eye for the treatment of glaucoma, very few patients have brown spots in the irises, Clark said. “There has never been a case that I know when I use it for the eyelashes,” she said. “One thing I’ve seen, and it’s not common: you have fat cells behind your eyeball, and that can reduce fat cells and make your eyes a little sunken.” Stop doing latsise, and it’s normal. ”

Well, I walk and grow up when I start falsifying – the rage that began in 1916, when quiet director DW Griffith gave his star of intolerance to Seena Owen with a portrait sewn his wig with the alcohol used. A century later, I tested nine counterfeit brands, the use of which is the red equivalent of an extreme sport, which requires 10,000 hours of practice, patience and sometimes Ativan.

My hard-earned advice is for you to be dry with “lame lashes”, the happiness of the queen of the crown or your eyes closed: avoid the eyelashes attached to the black strip – a bust that is safe for forgery. Never use the whole group; Cut them in half and apply them to the outer eyelids for the effect of a cat’s eye or on the central lid for a round blow, opening your eyes. Use mostly glue (not to be confused with super-glue economically), and only one in the tube with a pencil-like applicator. Of all the fake ones I tried, I liked Ardell Fock Mink more with Invisiband. They are vapors, light and unnatural. And not expensive!

Magnetic eyelashes are also not expensive. I ordered a picture, and none of them worked. No amount of time, patience and help from my neighbor put it. I even asked to help a dermatologist. “I could not do this!” Clark said, warning that the kidnapping was difficult. “You have to remove them,” she explained, so you risk pulling your real eyelashes between them. Over time, “you can heal the follicle, and when it does not, you can not make hair, they will never grow.”

Two months after the whiplash injuries, my own eyelashes came back, and my whiplash flight was at altitude: at an altitude of 30,000 feet above the Atlantic in an Air France flight, to be precise. I’m going to study the latest innovation in mascara at the ultra confidential Helios research center, located two hours from Paris. It is rumored that its cyclist, scientist Johann Bichon, has developed a new formula using a secret ingredient popular with NASA engineers. Ninety percent of the testers reported a “sharp increase” in their volume.

Brilliant to the eyes and thick, I furious in the parking lot of the LVMH laboratory, where I met a man in black who insisted to sign a form in which I undertake to observe basic safety rules. I will not disconnect the security device. I do not touch electrical panels without permission … “Why does simple reading of the rules make me break tables?

I enter the mother ship LVMH, a massive steel and glass construction, in which model Hunky model astronauts in silver suits greet, so you can see the rockets in your pockets. (Ernst).

“We have been working on this carcass for four years,” said Julia Bell, vice president of global marketing and innovation at Benefit Cosmetics, and introduced the BADgal BANG! Increasing mascara on the screen behind her. “For four years we tortured our scientists!” She laughs … but she jokes? Bell gives the floor to the executive vice president of LVMH, Bruno Bavuzet, who was not so much tortured as he was proud of 300 scientists and researchers working on their brands (including Dior, Fresh and Guerlain). Bell distributes the tubes BADgal BANG on the tail! “You will see something that no one has said,” she says, leading us to a second-story laboratory where we get laboratory gowns and glasses and invite diving into glasses, pigments, polymers and soft wax. a silver ball: “aeroparticles”, a substance of the space age, almost light than air, which makes it possible to build weightless eyelashes. Three shades later my eyelashes seem really astronomical.

The next morning I go to New York, after I did not take off yesterday’s mascara – I decided to check the lawsuit at 36 hours of endurance. (He stayed, and then some, and I can only hope that he will not retain this power in my washcloth.)

Back in Manhattan, I’m browsing Instagram photos and I see Hilary Duff’s hand with a new tattoo in a fantastic scenario: “Take the fountain.” I wonder if Duff knows how Bette Davis went to Hollywood. The answer was in his cosmetic bag: “Do you want to know the secret of my success?” Davis asked his biographer Charlotte Chandler. “A simple brown ink.” No wonder, it’s just to the eye.

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