6 Best Ways to Grow Hair Fast

Think of your hair as a tree. (We will explain this.)
For some, lucky, long-lasting hair comes. For all of us, this requires patience, effort and special changes in our hair care procedure. If it seems that your hair does not grow as fast or fast as you want, these tips will help you in the right direction.

1. Add your A.M. Routine.
If your diet does not provide enough nutrition, the supplement can make a big difference. “Are you looking for a ready and indicated multivitamin for hair, skin and nails?” Fusco. “They contain important vitamins, such as biotin, vitamin C and vitamins B, that promote healthy hair.” Bonus: you can get better skin!

2. Finish your shower with a fresh rinse.
A super hot shower is not only bad for your skin – it also steals your hair. “Turn off the water temperature during cleaning,” Pawes recommends. “And rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle and strengthen the hair before it is called.”

3. Be careful when cleaning wet hair.
Hair is particularly susceptible to breakage when wet, but if you need several knots after a shower, be sure to use a brush that will make your hair light. Davey Parten, a stylist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, explains: “Using Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush is the key. He also notes that technology is as important as the tool. “Start gently brushing the ends and slowly go back up, and not just clean the top layer, but brush the hair under it.”

4. Stop doing “cleansing” in fashion.
Dietary companies may try to convince you that “cleansing” will change your whole life, but Duenas strongly objects to this. “Cleaning is terrible for your hair, because it deprives your body of nutrients,” he warns. “After cleaning, even a week, you will notice a slow growth of hair and boring curls.”
5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Improving the hair during sleep is possible – just replace the pillowcase. “Silk is easier on the hair – it helps to avoid confusion and breaks,” says MD Dr. Jesleen Ahluwalia, a dermatologist at Spring Street in New York. The less hair breaks, the longer your hair will be. (Silk pillows Covers by Slip are available in many beautiful colors.)
6. Pay attention to the skin.
At first it’s easy to see shiny hair and assume that the product works for you, but Dean recommends a closer look. “What the formula does for your skin, usually what it does to your hair,” he says. “Does this make your skin dry, lean, heavy, waxy, sticky or oily or soft, moisturized, silky and supple?” Treat your hair just like your skin – it’s another part of you! If your hair follicles are blocked and blocked, they can not grow as effectively.

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