Daily beauty: 10 tips to look good

From the moment that your alarm sounds, it can be a full-time ritual to see your best employees, but it’s an investment that not only makes you feel good, but also feel it.
They say that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But we think that this is really in the eyes of the woman who sleeps most, who drinks more water and follows this daily diet.


Massage and rinse to soften. During the morning shower, remove the dead skin cells before using your favorite body wash. Keep showers quickly, and the temperature is not too high to minimize the loss of oil. Clean your body with a soft towel and apply your favorite scented lotion with a hair dryer. Allow your skin to drink as much as possible for smooth and final skin … and while you are there, also drink a glass of water. The more hydrated you are, the more you radiate outwards.

Make friends with the concealer.
Light the whole face with a masking peas. Use it in the inner and outer corners of the eye to disguise dark circles, the outer sides of the nostrils cover the deep pores and redness, and the sides of the lips – fill the lines. Follow a light mixture of base and moisturizer (both with oil and sunscreen) for a smooth and even skin. And always use a clean makeup brush!

Pay yourself your eyebrows.
Well-groomed eyebrows are the key to neat looks. Design, build or regularly adjust and, if necessary, perform maintenance. If you are tweezers and you trust only professionals, hide your tousled hair with a bronze brush on the eyebrows between the sessions.

An experience.
Change your favorite color product, whether it’s lip gloss, eyeliner or shadow, with something new to relive.


Become a survivor
Make your kit “I can not live without”, consisting of three basic cosmetic products, such as lip gloss, mascara, blotting paper, concealer or comb. Build several keyhole kits – your desk drawer, a glove box and a handbag for touching.

Pinch goes a long way.
Click on the cheeks and lips before making a good impression. This moment of teenage suffering will bring tremendous benefits, as both areas are filled with a natural pink color that is guaranteed to make you shine.

Let your inner beauty shine outward.
The whole day shows your size. Stand with your shoulders. Rise and think of positive thoughts. Give your smile the happiest, with teeth in white tones (skip dark drinks or use a straw), and lips with lip balm soak and gleam with your favorite light.


Come clean.
Regardless of how tired you are or how hot the sun is, wash and moisten your face before touching the pillow to free precious pores from all the dirt that accumulated during the day. Start with small steps: Put a packet of cleaning napkins in the bedside table.

Keep your manicure perfect.
Apply a clear top coat every two days after the manicure to preserve your fabulous colored varnish without frying as long as possible. Even with washing, you can use gloves to keep your lacquer … not to mention the curse of dry hands.

Good-bye, headboard. Rule number 1: Do not go to bed with wet hair – this increases the risk of breaking the hair. Rule No. 2: Brush your hair clean with a hair brush before going to bed (give it a soapy bath once a week). Rule number 3: Add a few drops of your favorite whey to fight morning ripples.

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