7 ways to grow hair faster

Think of your hair as a tree. (We will explain this.)
For some, lucky, long-lasting hair comes. For all of us, this requires patience, effort and special changes in our hair care procedure. If it seems that your hair does not grow as fast or fast as you want, these tips will help you in the right direction.

1. Get frequent pads – yes, really.
It may seem contradictory, but if you want to have long hair that is healthy, you should have regular cuts. “Although haircuts do not grow your hair faster, they will get rid of the split ends that break your hair,” says famous hairdresser Michael Duenas. “Eliminating the fracture gives the impression that your hair grows faster.” After all, a broken, broken end can cause your hair to lose its length – not to mention its brilliance, volume and softness. If you want to know exactly how much time you can spend between trimming, follow this guide.

2. Resist the urge to become a blonde.
As chic as platinum hair, the transition from a darker color to a light blonde color can be between you and your hair as long as possible. “If the cuticles of your hair are damaged by bleaching, you may have more fractures or splits,” says Elizabeth Hysedd, senior colorist at Cutler’s Salon in New York. “The less effective chemical treatments, the more your hair will grow.”

3. Distribute the natural oil of your hair.
Getting into bed with uncrowned hair can be tempting when you are tired, but you can quickly pat your hair, which can be beneficial for your health. “Start with your head, use a brush for boar bristles to evenly distribute head oils on your hair so that they naturally hydrate,” says Mary Kate O’Connor, senior beauty and hair specialist at Eva Scrivo, Bonus: This simple step is every Night helps increase blood circulation, which makes your scalp more healthy. This brings us to …

4. Keep the scalp healthy.
Imagine your hair as a tree: if the soil and roots are not supported, the tree can not grow and become solid. “Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp,” says celebrity hairdresser and WEN founder Chaz Dean. “If you cleanse and treat the scalp with healthy ingredients, you will get strong, beautiful hair.” If you are not sure about the health of your hair, Chaz recommends the “Rootlift test”: keep some of your hair on your head. Healthy hair should have the same thickness at the end, but if your ends are thinner, it’s time to rethink hair care.

5. Eat good food.
Long strong hair does not just depend on the products that you apply to your hair; It also depends on what you put in your body. Dr. Francesco Fusco, a dermatologist and CLEAR expert on hair and hair, explains. “Try to increase your protein intake with products such as fish, beans, nuts and whole plants.” If you are not a meat lover, follow a high-protein diet, Dr. Fusco warns that women who do not consume often often experience “more waste”.

6. Avoid hairdressing tools.
“Stop washing your hair,” warns the famous hairdresser Ken Paves. If you need to use heat, Paves recommends lowering the temperature and always use thermal protection – otherwise you will damage the hair, break and twist.

7. Skip the daily shampoo.
Now you probably heard all the reviews that make great hair “without stern”, but do you know why this really helps your hair? “If you shampoo your hair two or three times a week, your natural oils can penetrate your hair, moisturize and regenerate yourself,” says Paves. But do not let yourself build too much. Fusco warns that this can lead to excessive oils, itching and dandruff.

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